Dear Mister President, the facility that concerns us is located in the Southern part of the Kalahari desert, about 100km south of Botswana and 145km east of Namibia at approximately 27-45 S, 21-27 E. It consists of:

a)     A drill rig and associated facilities

b)     A square lattice tower in a cleared area enclosed by a wall, about 1km from the drill rig

c)      An area, about 3km from the square tower, containing a pad; this area is connected to the tower area by power or communications lines.

d)     A secured housing area 15km from the tower area, containing approximately ten buildings

e)     A hard-surface airstrip approximately 1,600 meters long and 3km from the housing area. In addition, the entire area is surrounded by an outer patrol road. We are prepared to show you photos from which this data is derived.[1]

[1] US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance explains the evidence which lead the US to suspect that South Africa was developing nuclear weapons and developing a testing site in the Kalahari Desert. Note: in 1977, Soviets detected the site and provided the information to the US